This course has been approved by the Ohio Department of Health and meets their requirements for a Level 2 Course in Food Protection.

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April 29-30, May 28-29, July 29-30


"Locally Grown - Locally Known Farms"
Community Gardens, Farmers Markets, Regional Growers


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"Connecting Outlets & Providers"
Specialty Shops, Food Markets, Meat Markets, Restaurants, Cafes

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Welcome To Foodworks Alliance!

We are a regional food hub and kitchen incubator located in Zanesville, Ohio, serving Muskingum and surrounding counties. Our mission is to support the development of meaningful, community-based business and employment opportunities in the areas of sustainable local food supply and preparation.

Supporting Our

Local Food Systems

Food Entrepreneurs - Food Retailers - Farmers

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NEW Level 1 ServSafe  Workshop

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ServSafe Level 2 Course

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"Fully Licensed Commercial Kitchen"
Bakers, Catering, Table Top Products, Food Artisans

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Food Handler course is perfect for the person in charge

JUNE 24, 2019       

9:00am - 12:00pm. 

Seating is limited. FEE $25 per person. You will learn food safety, contamination, illness, and more! Download the LEVEL 1 Registration pdf >> HERE <<

Call 740.647.1497 if you have questions or want to register over the phone. 

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Interactive Cooking Day Camps

Children (10+) and parents or grandparents can learn together in the kitchen during this fun, tasty, and interactive workshop. Work together learning how to create healthy meals, identify fruits and vegetables, and properly prepare recipes that everyone will enjoy. 9am-12:30pm

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We are proud to feature our local food products. 

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Support Our Local Businesses!

Foodworks Alliance
  • Roadhog Willy's - William Wheeler; BBQ Sauce & Catering
  • Lapp it Up! - Junita Lapp; Kombucha Teas
  • Oliver Farms - Master Chef Alfonso Contrisciani; sustainable food
  • ​Huston Farms – Bill Huston; produce farm
  • ​Delicious Confections - Cathy Shaeffer, Hand-dipped chocolates
  • From The Hearth Catering - Sharon Zink, Healthy Homecooked Meals
  • ​​​​Somerset Sunshine Foods
  • Jodi's Baked Goods - Jodi Bickford; cinnamon rolls, pies, breads
  • Ethnic Cuisine - Farida Kaka and Ruchi Gupta, Indian cuisine catering
  • Maria Adornetto's - Spices and sauces
  • ​Billy Jim's BBQ Seasoning - Chef Bill Bird; dry spices for BBQ seasons
  • Mettle Kettle Soup - Darren & Amy McCauly; kettle made soups
  • Touch of Herbs - Diane Sabo; Herbal Teas
  • Big Zeke's BBQ Sauce - Joe Moore; BarBQue Sauces
  • Honeyman Gourmet Sauce - Treva Northington; All purpose sauces
  • Sunny's Gourmet Products - Korean Teriyaki Sauce