Foodworks Alliance
Apple Butter $5.00
Road Hog Willy - Northern Blackberry BBQ Sauce $6.99
Spicy Pizza Sauce $5.50
Maria Adornetto's Seasoning $4.75
Buckeyes - Milk Chocolate $4.99
Assorted Chocolate Creams $4.99

We Love Local Food!
The mission of the Foodworks Alliance is to support local businesses, incorporating the growers, manufacturers, and distributors of our local food system. If you need shipping/delivery services
give us a call so we can get your information. These products can be purchased at 
2725 Pinkerton Rd, Zanesville during normal business hours. 

We have featured some of the area's best food items here for you to purchase! 

Foodworks' Marketplace

Road Hog Willy - Southern Peach BBQ Sauce $6.99
Huston Farms - Sweet Relish $4.50
Billy Jim's Dry Rub $7.00
Huston Farms - Dill Pickles $4.50
Maria Adornetto's Sauce $6.00
Peppermint Patties $4.99
Kombucha Tea - Strawberry $5.00
Buckeyes - White Chocolate $4.99
Mettle Kettle - Vegetable Soup w Beef Brisket $8.99
Laughing Horse Mustard $5.00
Bill's Real Pit BBQ Sauce $3.00