Foodworks Alliance

We want to partner with large growers, farmer's markets, and CSAs to promote, support and stimulate sustainable local and regional food systems.

Direct to Consumer Programs

As the demand for local, fresh produce and animal products continues to grow, the need for the Foodworks Alliance to provide solutions for logistical, transportation, and marketing faced by small family farmers.

Community Supported Agriculture

​Supporting local/regional food systems helps support local, sustainable run farms, can help protect our health and the health of our communities, and helps stimulate local economies.

Farmer's Markets 

Farmers' markets positively affect the business surrounding them, while also providing significant sources of income for local farmers, thus maintaining the viability of many small, local farms.

Our goal is to help grow our local economy and encourage healthy eating in our communities. 

Farmers, Community Gardens, Regional Growers, and Farmer's Markets all play a vital role in the Foodworks Alliance. It all starts with the locally owned farms and the farmers who produce the food. 

How do Farmers benefit from the “Foodworks Alliance”? Contact Us to find out more!

Foodworks Alliance comprises all aspects of food production (the way the food is grown or raised; the way the food is harvested or slaughtered; and the way the food is processed, packaged, or otherwise prepared for consumer purchase) and food distribution (where and how the food is sold to consumers and how the food is transported).

Foodworks Alliance is focused on sustainable/local/ regional food systems. Local food production-distribution networks often start on smaller, sustainable family farms. One benefit is that our farm products are transported over shorter distances, and generally processed locally. Our local food distribution network relies on two primary markets: the direct-to-consumer market and the direct-to-retail, foodservice, and institution market.