Foodworks Alliance

We're dedicated to offering long or short-term professional kitchen leases at reasonable rates. Food entrepreneurs become legal by working in a professional space inspected by governmental sources responsible for the certification of commercial kitchens and support the USDA and FDA regulations. We provide a variety of assistance and resources to help our Kitchen Clients grow:

Product Development                                  
Ingredient Sourcing
Packaging and Labeling                                          
Shelf Life Information
Nutrition Analysis
Marketing Strategies
Licensing Compliance 
Business Development


Bakers get the most with our membership programs.

Commercial Kitchen

Our commercial kitchen is equipped with many resources to help you get your food production including utilities, carting, and cleaning supplies.
  • 10 burner stove
  • 2 two-shelf bake ovens
  • bakers rack
  • 45 gallon steam-jacketed kettle
  • 40 quart floor mixer
  • 18 pan proofer
  • Continuous feed food processor
  • Stove top griddle
  • Microwave
  • 49 cu ft reach-in freezer
  • 49 cu ft reach-in refridgerator
  • 4 six-foot stainless steel tables
  • 3 bay sink
  • 2 bay food prep sink
  • 24 ft food prep station with single sink
  • 40 gallon Tilting Skillet
(844) MY FOOD 2

We Are Looking For:

Call 740.607.6012 if you have the following equipment to donate or sell

  • 60 gallon steam jacket kettle
  • 40 quart vertical chopper mixer
  • 2 deep fryers
  • 2 line piston fill line
  • semi automatic capper
  • semi automatic labeler
  • 40 & 60 gallon kettle stirers
  • Walk-in freezer
  • Walk-in cooler
  • Food-mill 

Professional Services


Producers can get assistance with testing, labeling and development. 


Our commercial kitchen is ideal for catering companies.

Food Manufacturers